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Unique Fire Stop: Core Bore Firestop Smoke and Water Seal

Core Bore Firestop Plug by UNIQUE Fire Stop Products, Inc.Empty core holes are dangerous. An open core hole in a concrete floor is the most extreme type of life and safety hazard in a multi-floor structure. It is an opening that will funnel and distribute cold smoke and deadly gas quickly to other floors from a fire below. Flames can also easily spread through these holes. Hot gas and smoke will be produced rapidly from a fire and will pass through these openings to the highest (non-firestopped) floor like a mushroom cloud. It will begin to pass throughout the levels filling the false ceiling on every floor putting more occupants’ lives in danger and reducing valuable time for occupants to get to safety.

Remember, fire destroys property. Cold smoke and gases kill.

Unique Fire Stop Core Bore System

Professionals will use our UNIQUE Core Bore Seal (CBS) Firestop System to cover, seal and firestop empty core holes in concrete slabs or walls during construction and post-construction. CBS systems are made with a heavy steel plate and an intumescent firestop muffin (plug). In the event of a fire the plug expands filling the core hole and protecting the building and its occupants according to the fire rating of the barrier. This system also offers a smoke seal and is water tight when installed properly. Anyone following the provided instructions can successfully install these UL Systems which can then be covered by carpet and walked on and will support the weight of carts.

The Core Bore Seal Firestop System is completely removable if the abandoned core should need to be reclaimed sometime in the future. Building owners can reuse a sealed core hole by removing the Unique Fire Stop Core Bore System, adding a sleeve and pulling more cables. There is no need to access the floor below to seal or remove this device.

How To Use UNIQUE Core Bore System in Existing Construction

In existing construction, these core holes are often abandoned when sleeves or conduits in a concrete floor or fire-rated concrete barrier are removed. Prior to the invention of this innovative UNIQUE product, abandoned core holes were often left unsealed, destroying the integrity of the fire-rated barrier. Sometimes they were filled with concrete making the core hole useless in the future. Plus this process can be very time-consuming and very messy. Our Core Bore Firestop System solves both problems, restoring the fire-rated floor to its initial rating while still preserving the function of the core hole in the event it will be used again. And there will be no spilled or over-filled mess to clean up.

How To Use UNIQUE Core Bore System in New Construction

In new construction, sometimes extra core holes are made by accident, in the wrong location, or for future expansion even if they won’t be needed for the foreseeable future. Our Core Bore Firestop System effectively seals and firestops empty core holes in both concrete floors and vertical concrete walls, especially those that may be used in the future, but not necessarily immediately. Unlike other methods that seal the core hole permanently, the Core Bore Firestop is completely removable.

Installers and building owners will take advantage of multiple benefits like ease of installation and fast recovery if needed. In addition, UNIQUE Fire Stop provides a Core Bore system in sizes for each cored hole in the building. No tools or maintenance are required. This is a neat and clean solution that Inspectors will also appreciate.


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