Unique Fire Stop CaulkUNIQUE Firestop Caulk is a general purpose firestopping sealant that conforms to ASTM E-814 (UL 1479) standards for multi-family and commercial firestopping applications. An installer’s necessity!


UNIQUE Firestop Caulk

UNIQUE Firestop Caulk is an elastomeric, intumescent firestop sealant that offers comprehensive UL Testing for a wide range of electrical, plumbing, HVAC and head-of-wall applications. It is designed to seal ‘through penetrations’ found in 1 and 2 hour fire-rated wood, gypsum and concrete floor and wall assemblies. It is often used to compensate for irregularly cut holes and to secure firestopping devices, collars, and sleeves as well as many other uses and is a staple in installers’ toolboxes.

Available on this website in 10 ounce tubes. Call or email us for quick delivery of other sizes at 251-960-5018.

Product Features

  • Intumescent
  • Elastomeric
  • Chemically compatible with FlowGuard Gold® BlazeMaster® and Corzan® pipe fittings as well as all PVC, CPVC, ABS, PEX tubing and other applicable tested penetrating items.*
  • Up to 3 hour fire rating
  • Excellent Freeze/Thaw
  • Smooth Consistency
  • Identifiable Color
  • Low V.O.C.’s


  • Tested To ASTM-E814 (UL 1479)
  • Tested To ASTM-E1966 (UL 2079)
  • Meets 51 STC Rating

* FlowGuard Gold® BlazeMaster® and Corzan® are licensed trademarks of the Lubrizol Corporation and Corzan® are licensed trademarks of the Lubrizol Corporation

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