UNIQUE Split Sleeve Firestop System

Split Sleeve Firestop System


UNIQUE Split Sleeve Firestop Systemcable sleeve for fire stopping
The original! Our UNIQUE Split Sleeve Firestop System is designed to retrofit existing cable violations in a firewall with a re-enterable, multi cable transit system. This zero-maintenance through-penetration system is installed without any tools in minutes. No screws. No bolts & nuts. No clamps. No anchors. NO TOOLS REQUIRED.

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This Split Multi Cable Transit System is UL 1479 Classified for up to 4 hours. Made in the USA.


Our UNIQUE Split Sleeve Firestop System is a UL tested retrofit solution. It is designed for sleeving, firestopping and smoke sealing cables or wires already installed without a sleeve and in violation of the firewall rating. NO TOOLS REQUIRED. Simple design requires no screws, nuts, bolts, anchors, or hardware to install. Saves time and labor. No need for installers to pull cables back out of the walls or floors after failing an inspection because the UNIQUE Fire Stop Split Sleeve design, a threaded, IMC conduit cut in half, can be fitted around existing cables.

Product includes everything you need, including intumescent putty. In stock in 3 sizes or call us for 24 hour turnaround time on special shorter or longer lengths.

Guaranteed AHJ acceptance. Download the AHJ Request Form for pre-approval of your firestopping system. Use it for submission to the Inspector so he/she may pre-approve your proposed System. Your System is approved when the Inspector says it is!

System Contents:

2 – 12 inch long threaded IMC split sleeve halves
4 – slotted square washers
2 – slotted couplings
2 – slotted plenum rated plastic bushings
2 – documentation/warning labels
1 – UNIQUE Intumescent Putty

All UNIQUE firestop sleeve systems and endcaps systems include enough UNIQUE firestopping Intumescent Putty for a minimum 25% and maximum of 48% cable load. Order an additional Intumescent Putty Fill Kit here

Related Product: Unique Firestop Caulk– The Split Sleeve Firestop System will need a bead of caulk if the holes in the wall are not exactly the OD (outside diameter) of the Split Sleeve System to be installed.


Cable Load Chart


Our systems come with enough Unique putty for a minimum 25% and maximum 48% cable load.

load formula

Installation Pictorial

ss-contents(100sq) System contents: (2) 12 inch long threaded 1/2 sleeves, (4) slotted washers, (2) slotted couplings, (2) split bushings, 2 documentation/warning labels, and a package of UNIQUE Intumescent Putty. The zip ties are for the split bushings.
ss-install1(100sq) A common penetration violation in a sheet rock firewall. A Sleeve will control and direct the expansion of the fire-rated intumescent putty. Without a sleeve, this penetration may fail to restore the hourly rating of this wall.
ss-install1101sq Clean-up the firewall penetration (both sides of wall) ensuring not to nick the cable jacket(s). Use one of the washers as your guide.
ss-install2(100sq) Use one of the SSS halves to protect your cables. After you clean up the hole, slide the bottom half of the threaded sleeve under the cables. Take care to protect your cables. Look for the machine holes near the ends of the sleeve halves to maintain polarity.
ss-install3(100sq) Slide the top half over the cables, maintaining sleeve polarity, until both halves protrude evenly. Position the sleeve with the seams at 9 and 3 o’clock.
ss-install4(100sq) Work the cables through the slot in the first washer and work the washer down the sleeve, against the wall. The first washers slot should be positioned at the 6 o’clock position. NOTE that the inside washers for both sides does not have printed information. The SSS will need a bead of caulk if the holes in the wall are not exactly the OD (outside diameter) of the SSS to be installed.
ss-install5(100sq) Install the second slotted washer, inverting the slots 180 degrees from each other (12 o’clock). Make sure UL label is facing out! Position sleeve protrusion equally.
ss-install6(100sq) Work the cables through the slotted coupling and screw it down against the washers. HAND TIGHT. The coupling should be hand tightened only.
ss-install6101sq Repeat this procedure on the other side of the wall. HAND TIGHTEN ONLY.
ss-install7(100sq) Install a minimum 1-inch thickness of the supplied UNIQUE intumescent firestop putty in both ends of the Sleeve System. See our UL Systems documentation for sealing Systems up to 4 hours. UNIQUE Intumescent putty is supplied with the system.
ss-install8(100sq) Install the “split bushings”, taking care not to open the bushing any more than is needed to get the cables in. There are a pair of zip ties for securing the split bushings in place after installation.
ss-install9(100sq) Install the documentation labels on both sides. We advise you to ID (indelible marker) and take a picture of your installed system for an added bonus – protection of your workmanship.

Assembly Instructions

Determine cable violation in firewall (how many violations), angle of entry, or exit. Inspect violation to determine the proper Split Sleeve System size (1″, 2″, 4″ inside diameters). Up to 48% of the aggregate cross-sectional area of the Sleeve may be filled with cables in walls and floors rated up to 2 hours; 34% cable load for 4 hour ratings. See the Load Chart and Installation Pictorial.

‘Clean-up’ the firewall penetration (both sides of wall) ensuring not to nick the cable jacket(s). Use a slotted coupling to mark Sleeves hole size. Work the bottom half of the Split Sleeve under the cables as you insert it into the wall penetration. Support the cable(s) as the upper half of split sleeve is inserted through the firewall. Install top half, maintaining sleeve polarity. Look for machine or paint marks on end of the Split Sleeve halves to insure the halves are installed as machined.

Work cables through the slot of the 1st washer, work the washer over the sleeve halves and against the wall. (If your hole is not the size of the sleeve, apply a 3/8 bead of firestop caulk behind the first washer on each side of the wall.) Install the 2nd square washer for the first side and invert the slot so the slots in the washers are 180 degrees from each other. Work the cables through the slot in the first coupling and begin to screw it down the sleeve until equal lengths protrude on both sides wall. Install the split bushing if there is a chance that more cables will be pulled in the future.

Repeat the above procedure for the other side of the Sleeve system. Tighten the slotted couplings only enough to seat the square washers. Do not over- or under-tighten the slotted couplings.

Be sure to fill out and adhere the Documentation Label as close as possible to the Sleeve System. Also, if you are installing several of these Sleeves, be sure to alphanumerically I. D. the walls. Use an indelible marker. Take a picture of your installed Sleeve System. You may need it in the future. Always refer to the UL document pertaining to your application for details and limitations!

Drawings & Specs

Architects, Engineers, and Certified Installers can download and use these drawings to specify our systems in their construction projects.

Drawings in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format:

AutoCAD drawings (DWG), compressed (ZIP) for download:

If you do not have AutoCAD, you can download Autodesk DWG TrueView (free DWG Viewer) to view the drawings.


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