Retrofit Metal Electrical Box: Single Expandable

Price: $15.00
firestop retrofit
single gang expandable electrical box

Our Retrofit Metal Electrical Box is a firestopping electrical box for a new wire or cable outlet below the grid on an existing firewall. UL listed. Our Part # RMB.  


Firestop a new wire or cable electrical outlet below the grid on an existing firewall with our Retrofit Metal Electrical Box. This heavy gauge metal box fits in a standard 2×4 stud cavity with a simple rectangular cut-out.

  • Uses swing bracket mounting in existing wall surfaces with no intrusive hardware.
  • Large 18 cubic inch volume, 3″ deep, 3.25” long, and 2.25” wide.
  • Has 4 concentric knock-outs for 1/2″ or ¾” use.
  • Single gang, but it is expandable.
  • Guaranteed AHJ acceptance when pre-approved by your Inspector. Get AHJ form here.

UL Listing

See UL Listing data here:

UL File QCIT.E143223