Unique firestop membrane sleeve

Membrane Firestop Cable Sleeve


Unique firestop cable sleeveUnique Fire Stop Products Membrane Firestop Sleeve

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UNIQUE Membrane Firestop “angled design”, allows for a BUNDLE of cables to be dropped inside the Firewall Membrane. (one side) UL Classified for up to 2 hours. This is the ONLY mechanical multi cable system out there for doing this while maintaining proper bend radius specs. Made in the USA.


If the cable outlet is required to be installed inside of the firewall or smoke wall, our Membrane Firestop Cable Sleeve will do the job.

This UNIQUE product is an angled firestop cable sleeve that cuts its own hole and installs in 2 minutes, allowing for a UL Classified path to fish cables inside a firewall. The System creates its own hole with the sharp point on the back side of the sleeve. A bead of caulk (not included) is applied to the back of the system and the sleeve is secured to the wall with expanding anchors. Intumescent putty for sealing this firestopping system is included.

We make this system in the USA in our own factory. UL listed for fire-rated gypsum board/stud walls.

Available in 1 and 2 inch diameters.

System Contents:

  • 1 – 6 inch square metal plate with a 1 or 2 inch sleeve (6 inches long) welded at a 45 degree angle to the plate
  • 1 – plastic bushing
  • 2 – expanding wall anchors (for use in 5/8 thick fire-rated drywall)
  • 1 – UNIQUE Intumescent Putty
  • 1 – documentation/warning label

See also our 1 inch- Membrane Firestop System Kit— Contains one each of the following items, all in one kit:

  • 1-inch Membrane Firestop Cable Sleeve, including UNIQUE Intumescent Putty
  • Retrofit Metal Box- single
  • Retrofit Box Pad- single
  • Retrofit Plate Guard- single

All UNIQUE firestop cable sleeve systems include enough UNIQUE intumescent putty for a minimum 25% and maximum of 48% cable load. Order an additional Intumescent Putty Fill Kit here.

See also Unique Firestop Caulk – You will apply a small bead of firestop caulk to the back of the plate and around the sleeve to seal the Membrane Firestop to the wall.

Installation Pictorial

mp1in-contents(100sq) System contents: Membrane Firestop Cable Sleeve, bushing, anchors, label and UNIQUE Intumescent Putty.
mp-install2 Prior to installation, remove the anchors, putty, label, and plastic bushing.
mp-install3 Determine the cable wall outlet’s location and place the pointed leading edge of the sleeve plate directly above your cable outlet (above the grid). Carefully drive the Membrane Firestop Cable Sleeve into the wall.
mp-install4 Make sure the plate fits flush against the wall. Now, remove the plate and go on to the next step.
Be sure to clean out the back of the wall where the hole was made by the sleeve.
mp-install5(100sq) Apply a small bead of firestop caulk to the back of the plate and around the sleeve to seal the Membrane Firestop to the wall. Re-insert the system into the hole you made.
mp-install6 Now, carefully drive the expanding anchors through the face of the system and in the drywall.
mp-install7 There are small slots in the holes for the anchor to grab, allowing you to fully expand the anchor while securing the plate flush to the wall. Note: The Membrane Firestop is now permanently installed. Don’t forget to carefully push the bushing back on. Drop your cables through the sleeve and down to the wall outlet.
mp-install8 Cable load is 40%. Apply an inch thickness of the supplied intumescent putty in the top of the sleeve. Be sure to fill out the Documentation Warning Label. It is recommended that you take a picture of your installed System for future reference.


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