UNIQUE Intumescent Putty Fill Kit for use only with our UNIQUE Firestop Sleeve Systems, when extra putty is needed. UL listed.

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Intumescent Putty Fill Kit

The UNIQUE Intumescent Putty Fill Kit consists of a 16 cubic inch stick of UNIQUE Intumescent Putty. It is the same material we include with all our firestopping Sleeve Systems. For use only in UNIQUE branded systems and only when additional intumescent putty is needed. Intumescent putty is supplied to us from STI, Hilti or Rectorseal.

Note: All UNIQUE firestop sleeve systems include enough UNIQUE Intumescent Putty for an average installation, usually between a minimum 25% and maximum 48% cable load. If you have a firestop cable sleeve installation with less than a 25% cable load, you will need to use more Intumescent Putty in the sleeve system to restore the firewall rating. This extra putty will compensate for the less-than-minimum load and will ensure that no smoke, flames, or other gases can penetrate the firewall in the event of a fire, giving the occupants more time to evacuate. For more information, see the UL Systems page for putty fill procedure based on the application and the UL System selected.

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