1 inch- Membrane Firestop Kit

Price: $49.00


UNIQUE Fire Stop Products Membrane Firestop Kit

When paired with our caulk , the 1″ Membrane Firestop Kit includes everything you need to fire stop a single outlet inside a firewall.

UL listed and  Made in the USA.

Choose this economical 1 inch- Membrane Firestop Kit for all the parts you need to firestop a single outlet inside a firewall.   Above the grid as well as below the grid.  Saves money over purchasing items individually when firestopping a single outlet. Contains one each of the following items, all in one kit:



Click on the links above to see the individual product pages for each item in the kit. Our Membrane Firestop Sleeve is available individually in 1 inch or 2 inch sizes and the other products in the kit are also available in various sizes on their product pages.

See also Unique Fire Stop Caulk– – You will apply a small bead of firestop caulk to the back of the plate and around the sleeve to seal the Membrane Firestop to the wall.

Made in the USA exclusively by UNIQUE Fire Stop Products.


UL Systems

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