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Automotive Smoke Stop Sponge Foam


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UNIQUE Firestop Sponge Foam blocks a fire and acts as an insulator, protecting your driver from the heat of an engine or fuel cell fire. Stays flexible to allow for full movement of the part within the firewall opening. Ideal for competition use.

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UNIQUE Firestop Sponge Foam blocks smoke and acts as an insulator from the heat of an engine or fuel cell fire in NASCAR competition. Ideal for the things that move in and through your automotive firewall such as shafts and rods. Made in the USA and available in 4 sizes.

UNIQUE’s Automotive Smoke stop Sponge Foam looks like ordinary foam rubber, but it does so much more! Used as directed, our Sponge Foam can block the smoke of an engine fire. This is especially important when there is an opening in the firewall for a moving part such as a throttle or steering rod, openings that often exist right under the driver’s legs. These openings can be encapsulated in our Automotive Smoke stop Sponge Foam. This material does not intumesce (swell up) like the putty in our firestopping sleeves or harden like the UNIQUE Expanding Fire Stop Foam but actually blocks smoke and acts as an insulator from the heat. Because it is flexible, it allows for full movement of the moving part going through the firewall opening. Ideal for use in NASCAR competition cars.

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See this article in which Mike Tobias speaks to The Shop magazine about the need for automotive fire stop products to protect both the race car driver and the interior of the race car.

See the Installation Pictorial for complete instructions and safety tips.

Additional information

Additional information

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Large 4" Round, Large 4" Square, Small 2 3/8" Round, Small 2 3/8" Square

Installation Pictorial

Installation Pictorial

sponge-install-1(320w) Select the proper size sponge for the opening. Reduce or enlarge the opening as needed.
sponge-install-2(320w) Based on the size of the shaft or rod in the opening, clip enough of the material from the top of the triangles to allow the shaft or rod to move freely in the sponge when installed in the firewall.
expandingfoam-install6(320x320) Compress the sponge 10 to 20% and push it into the firewall.
sponge-install-4(320w) After a 24 hour period, you may come back and trim off the excess and paint the foam.
sponge-install-5(320w) If the shaft or rod displaces the sponge, trim more material where required.
sponge-install-7(320w) A view from the driver’s seat looking down at the steering shaft in a simulated engine fire. Typically, there would be flames shooting towards the driver’s knees. Our automotive sponges would contain these type fires on the other side of the wall!

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