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Smooth Penetrator Firestop Sleeve

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The Smooth Penetrator firestop is used in new horizontal cable installations for walls rated up to 2 hours. No caulk is required between the sleeve and the wall. Our most economical product, it makes firewall penetrations neat, clean, and efficient. This design allows for cables to be pulled through the firewall without any "attendance", even at a 45 degree angle. The sleeve acts like a roller in the wall while cables are being pulled. A real time saver!
Intumescent putty is included. Fire stopped and smoke sealed 100% of the time.

See the Cable Load Chart for specifications.

Online Order Form
1" Smooth Penetrator (SP-1) $25.00
2" Smooth Penetrator (SP-2) $35.00
4" Smooth Penetrator (SP-4) $69.00

Smooth Penetrator UL Systems. (NOT Part #s)
W-J-3109 for concrete walls rated up to 2 hours. **
W-L-3231 for drywalls rated for 1 & 2 hours.

MSDS for "Unique" Putty.

Qty. System contents:
1 12" EMT sleeve
2 large washers
2 sliding lock couplings
2 plenum rated bushings
2 documentation/warning labels
1 Unique" putty


Fire Stopping by the Numbers for the Smooth Penetrator
1. You must know the hourly rating of the barrier. 5/8" fire rated gypsum is rated for 1/2 hr. Cinder blocks are rated at 2 hours.
2. Select the UL System (above) to match or exceed the barrier. Pay attention to cable loads and fill procedures in the Listing.
3. Go to the: CABLE LOAD CHART and select the proper size Smooth Penetrator based on the % cable load permitted in the Listing.
4. Seek pre-approval from the Authority Having Jurisdiction (Inspector). Remember, it is approved if he says it is! Download the AHJ REQUEST FORM.
5. When installing the System, be sure not to exceed the listings limitations. Read the listing.
6. After installation, fill out the label and take a picture to document the System for future reference.
If you follow the steps listed above - you will guarantee AHJ acceptance.

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