Automotive Firestop Products

UNIQUE life / safety products are designed to protect competition drivers and equipment in the case of a fire. Acceptable for use in NASCAR, IMCA, and SCCA competition.

UNIQUE Expanding Foam


UNIQUE Expanding Foam is a hard-working fire-rated expanding foam useful for permanently filling gaps and voids in automotive firewalls. This versatile foam expands to seal the cracks, seams and openings in performance and racing cars, and can help protect your driver in the event of an engine fire.


Automotive Firestopper Sleeve System


UNIQUE Automotive Firestopper is an aluminum mechanical sleeve system complete with intumescent firestop putty for sealing the sleeve. It is used to seal an auto firewall in case of an engine fire and protect your NASCAR driver and equipment.


Automotive Smoke Stop Sponge Foam


UNIQUE Firestop Sponge Foam blocks a fire and acts as an insulator, protecting your driver from the heat of an engine or fuel cell fire. Stays flexible to allow for full movement of the part within the firewall opening. Ideal for competition use.


Automotive Firestopper Kit


The UNIQUE Automotive Firestopper Kit includes everything you need to firestop a race car or restoration to help protect your driver in case of an engine fire. Ideal for NASCAR use.

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