Unique Fire Stop Online Certification Test

The purpose of this exam is to qualify the cabling professional with the concept of ‘Fire Stopping by the Numbers’.  Let’s see if you understand the concept. 

Please call us for clarification on any of the questions: 251.960.5018

Certifications will be awarded for 100% scores only.

Certification Test

We recommend that you print out the practice test before taking the online test. Complete the printed test using the website as you would an open book test. Then come back to this page and submit your answers online. It will be graded and you will be contacted. Please retain your written test in case we need further review. You may be asked to resubmit answers for any missed questions.

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    Certifications are issued to the INDIVIDUAL. Their employers may be listed on the Map of Installers with links to the student's email and their employer's website.
  • Business Information

  • Name of your business.
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  • Give us your business city and state location and we will add you to our map of installers when you pass the test.