UNIQUE Fire Stop Online Certification Test

new_certificateWe offer free Online Certification Training to installers who wish to become experts in firestoping cable penetrations and to contractors who wish to receive discounts on selected UNIQUE Fire Stop products. The training and testing is the same for both installers and contractors.

Who is Qualified?

  • To become a UNIQUE Fire Stop Factory Installer or UNIQUE Certified Contractor, you must be employed by either a company in the cable installation business, a fire stop contractor, an engineer, an architect, or a wire and cable distributor.
  • Only one company may be listed on our Map of Certified Installers in each city.
  • (We are no longer able to process tests for trade schools or technical colleges due to the volume.  Class Instructors may be approved to conduct the class.  Please call the factory.)

 Benefits of becoming a UNIQUE Fire Stop Factory Installer or UNIQUE Certified Contractor include:

  • You will receive a Registered UNIQUE Fire Stop Factory Installer Certificate in your name and 2 BICSI CECs.
  • You will be listed on our website Map of Certified Installers, upon request, with links to your company website and your email.
  • You will be referred work in your area as end users need our products installed by a factory trained technician.
  • Your company may buy direct and will qualify for Contractor Pricing.
  • Only one company listing per city gives you a marketing advantage.

Read and Follow all instructions OR YOU WILL FAIL THE TEST.

1. Watch our training video: (19 minutes)

2. Take our Firestopping Certification Test.

  • First, watch the Training Video on this page.
  • We HIGHLY recommend you use the printable version- link below- as a practice test to record your answers before you submit your official test for grading.
  • Take the test using the website as you would an open book test.
  • Most of the answers are to be found on the description page of each product called for in the different scenarios.
  • When you’ve finished the practice test, copy your answers onto the official test form– link below- and submit for grading.
  • Be sure to include your employer’s information to be added to the Map of Certified Installers.
  • You must pass with a 100% score to qualify for UNIQUE Certification.
  • This process works best on a desktop computer. NO cell phones.  It is too graphic – intensive for a cell phone.

Click here for printable version of the TEST  Use as a practice test and record your answers. DO THIS….. or you will fail for not following instructions.

Click here to copy your answers onto the official test form and submit for grading – You’ll be contacted within 48 hrs. (If not, call or email us.)

Hit Submit only once! If you hit it 2 – 3 – 4 times,  you failed!