Firestopping New Cable Installations: Through Penetration of Fire Walls

Using UNIQUE’s  Smooth Firestop System for Through Penetration of Firewalls


Low voltage cable installers are installing cables everywhere. There are CATV, computer, telephone, intercom and security cables running through firewalls in almost every building. Building maintenance people relocate and install cabling systems as well. Because this group of cable installers are for the most part unregulated and are not required to permit their work, firewall penetrations can get out of control and invalidate the protection of the fire barrier. Regulation in the form of licensing, certification and inspection will require cable installers who penetrate firewalls to properly seal them. Conduit must be found and cut, and drywall and mud mixed. If you’re not careful, the conduit will will cut into the cable as you pull it through the conduit. A UL-listed pre-assembled firestop conduit, with all necessary hardware would save time, cut cost, and eliminate the liability incurred from the penetration.


The Smooth Firestop System and the Threaded Firestop System from UNIQUE Fire Stop Products are designed and manufactured to overcome all these obstacles and to provide the best solution for the problem of firewalls randomly breached by cables.


UNIQUE Fire Stop Products has developed pre-assembled firestop sleeve systems that will maintain the integrity of the firewall and keep Inspectors happy. These systems are UL listed and once installed will save time and manpower because cables can be pulled through the firewall unattended.

The Smooth Firestop Sleeve System (Formerly Smooth Penetrator) is manufactured in 1-inch, 2-inch, and 4-inch sizes. The Smooth Firestop System kit consists of a 12-inch section of EMT conduit, two large round flat washers, two washer locks (couplings), two plastic bushings, and UNIQUE Intumescent Putty. One end of the Smooth conduit is cut to form “teeth” so it can cut its own way through drywall. Block, brick, and masonry will need to be drilled. Sliding lock couplings hold the system securely in place.

The Threaded Firestop Sleeve System is manufactured from Rigid Conduit (threaded) and is also available in 1-inch, 2-inch, and 4-inch sizes. The kit components include a 12-inch section of Rigid Conduit, two large flat washers, two threaded washer locks (couplings), two plastic bushings, and UNIQUE Intumescent Putty. This kit is secured with threaded hardware and is used for higher ratings than the Smooth System offers. When the cables reach their destinations, the installer will go back and pack the ends with an inch or two of wool batt insulation.

All UNIQUE firestop sleeve systems and endcaps systems include enough UNIQUE Firestopping Intumescent Putty for a minimum 25% and maximum of 48% cable load. Order an additional Intumescent Putty Fill Kit here.

Remember, your system is approved when your Inspector says it is. Use our handy AHJ Pre Approval Form to gain pre approval of your proposed system before you buy it or install it.