Firestopping by the Numbers: Step by Step For Cable Installers

If you follow the steps listed below, you will guarantee AHJ acceptance.

  1. You must know the hourly rating of the barrier. (5/8″ fire rated gypsum is rated for 1/2 hr. per sheet / Cement Cinder Blocks are rated at 2 hrs.)
  2. Select a UL tested product system with a UL Listing that matches or exceeds the barrier. Pay attention to cable loads and fill procedure for the product system you choose.
  3. Go to the Cable Load Chart link for the product system you chose. Select the proper size Sleeve, based on the % cable fill load permitted in the UL listing.
  4. Seek pre-approval from the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ Inspector). Remember, it is approved if the Inspector says it is!
  5. When installing the System, be sure not to exceed the listing limitations. Read the listing.
  6. After installation, fill out the label and take a picture to document the System for future reference.

Bring on the Inspector!