Firestop Certification: Customer Testimonials

From a construction coordinator at Time Warner Cable:

time warner cableThank you!

I watched the firestopping video and looked at Fire Stopping By the Numbers and it helped a lot. I thought this was a very informative site, loaded with useful information. Until I got a Construction Coordinator position here at Time Warner Cable I didn’t realize there was so much to know about fire stopping techniques. — Doug G.

Robert Strickland

6 reviews

3 weeks ago-

When budgeting a job, buying materials is a game of inches. Unique products give me an installable product in a neat package. No costly design development and implementation. Just order the device install and proceed.


Mike R

3 reviews

9 months ago

I’ve been using these fire sleeves for years. They are easy to install and easy to teach technicians how to install. Not only that they look good and customers and GC’s love them. Mike Sr. is great to work with and the turn around time to get these is fantastic. I highly recommend!


Chris Herrington

2 reviews

9 months ago

Incredible training, and support on the proper way to install firestop products. Great products too!!