AHJ Request Forms for Pre Approval of Your Firestopping System

AHJ Email Request Form

Having a guaranteed method of AHJ approval (Authority Having Jurisdiction) for your firestop system is mandatory in today’s world. Long gone are the days when a cable installer could use a claw hammer to break through a firewall, stick a bunch of wires through the hole, and walk away. Forgiveness is NOT better than permission. To get your firestopping method approved by the AHJ, you will need a simple but effective way to approach the AHJ. The AHJ needs to protect their organization from liability and at UNIQUE Fire Stop Products, we have developed an easy and effective way to do that.

Click for the newest version of our AHJ form, the AHJ Email Request Form, which allows you to send all the required information to the Authority Having Jurisdiction by email. The AHJ will also receive instructions for emailing back to you his/her approval or disapproval and the reasons why. All the instructions for use are right on the form. And all the information you will need is right on the UNIQUE Fire Stop Product pages.

This new form has been a big timesaver for installers all over the country. And each of our UNIQUE Fire Stop Factory Installers or UNIQUE Certified Contractors receive training in how to use it when they take our Free Online Certification Training. Become certified today and take part in the many benefits we offer free to our certified installers and contractors.

See this article about how to satisfy the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) — that is, the local, State or Federal official designated and responsible for approving firestopping systems equipment, installation and procedures.

The Original AHJ Request Form

This simple form can be filled out manually and submitted to the Inspector so he/she may pre approve your proposed System. Download the original AHJ Request Form (PDF).

Regardless of which form you choose to use, remember this:

Your System is approved when the Inspector says it is!