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  January 15, 2010

Floor Seals

Seals core holes
 pre & post construction.


Future Proof Plates

demo Customized
firestop plates.


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FIRESTOPPING CABLES with Sleeve Systems is our only business for the last 20 years. 

We offer a "voice mail free" environment during business hours "central time"..

All of our U. L. Classified Fire Stop Systems are "Handmade in America" by Americans.

We make (almost) everything we sell.  24 hour turn around time on extra long or extra short sleeves!

Retrofitting Violations Installing New Cables Membrane Penetrations  
Split Sleeve Firestop System Smooth Penetrator Firestop Above and below the grid  


Our retrofit Split Sleeve has saved hours of downtime / labor by its ability to be installed around existing cables.
The Smooth Penetrator is a complete System including all hardware AND intumescent putty. Powder-coated RED.
Visit our Products page to see our complete line. Retrofit or new cable installs. Guarnteed AHJ acceptance!
See our UL Systems page. There is a U.L. Classification document for each of our systems applications.
Click on the Installers map to find Factory Trained Certified Installers in your area.
We provide a free online Training Video for installers to help pass our factory certification test. (2) BICSI - CEC's

Address Phone Numbers Email
 Unique Fire Stop Products, Inc.
 20850 River Rd.
 Robertsdale, AL 36567
Sales: 251-960-5018    
Support: 251-960-5018
Fax: 251-960-5068    

Fire Stopping by the Numbers
1. You must know the hourly rating of the barrier. 5/8" fire rated gypsum is rated for 1/2 hr. Cinder blocks are rated at 2 hours.
2. Select the UL System (above) to match or exceed the barrier. Pay attention to cable loads and fill procedures in the Listing.
3. Go to the: CABLE LOAD CHART and select the proper size Smooth Penetrator based on the % cable load permitted in the Listing.
4. Seek pre-approval from the Authority Having Jurisdiction (Inspector). Remember, it is approved if he says it is! Download the AHJ REQUEST FORM.
5. When installing the System, be sure not to exceed the listings limitations. Read the listing.
6. After installation, fill out the label and take a picture to document the System for future reference.

If you follow the steps listed above - you will guarantee AHJ acceptance.

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